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  • Sweetscape 010 Editor 6.0 Portable

    SweetScape 010 Editor 6.0.1 | 13.6 MB

    010 Editor is a comprehensive software application designed for editing the text and hexadecimal code of any file, drive or process. It primarily addresses users with some minimal background in such tools. The app is wrapped in a clean interface with a professional-looking layout, where you can use the file browser, treeview or "drag and drop" method to import a file into the working environment.
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  • USB Raptor Beta

    USB Raptor Beta | 10.1 Mb

    The security of your data is very important, and it is a good idea to have a way of protecting your computer from prying eyes when you are away. With USB Raptor, you can use a flash drive as key for locking and unlocking your computer. Once you have set the flash drive, your computer will lock whenever you remove it, and unlocking it is as easy as plugging in the drive.
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  • Multi Commander 4.9.0 Beta Multilingual (x86/x64) + Portable

    Multi Commander 4.9.0 Beta Multilingual (x86/x64) + Portable | 11.9/13.3 Mb

    Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout. Many people rely on Windows Explorer when using their PCs. It works well but has very limited features, which is why those who want more look for other alternatives. A great example is Multi Commander. This free file manager derives its strength from the fact that it allows users to do many advanced tasks with relative ease. In addition to standard features like viewing, renaming, copying and moving, the program includes such advanced functions as auto-sorting, auto-unpacking, searching, scripting and browsing inside archives.
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  • FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 1.1 GB

    FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced includes all of the features of FileMaker Pro 13 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. Customize menus with just the items you want. Plus, get robust analysis capabilities, powerful debugging tools and much more - all designed to help you build more powerful, more flexible and more customized databases faster.
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  • Bolide Movie Creator v2.2 Build 1103 Multilingual
    Bolide Movie Creator v2.2 Build 1103 Multilingual | 16.7 Mb

    The perfect video editor for both amateur and advanced videographers. Making your own movies has never been simpler or more fun. Most video editoring software come with a high learning curve – not Bolide Movie Creator though! Featuring all the tools necessary to begin editing videos, the BMC lets you join, split, and trim videoclips. You can even add text commentaries, photos and background music. Choose from dozens of transition effects and begin creating your own videos today! No previous video editing knowledge is needed to take advatage of our user-friendly interface. With support for AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV and WMV the Bolide Movie Creator is ready to help boost your video projects to the next level.
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  • JetBrains WebStorm 9.0.3 Build 139.1112 Final
    Windows Software | JetBrains WebStorm 9.0.3 Build 139.1112 Final | 143 MB

    WebStorm 9 brings a compelling range of new features. With the support for the most trending and powerful frameworks and libraries, new integrated tools and new features and improvements basically in every part of the IDE, WebStorm 9 is a superior update.
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  • VRS Recording System v5.48
    VRS Recording System v5.48 | 1.2 Mb

    VRS can record multiple audio channels simultaneously with automatic level control and digital signal processing to improve voice intelligibility. Recordings are automatically compressed and can be searched by date, time, line or other data.
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  • DxO ViewPoint 2.5.2 Build 37 Multilingual (Mac OS X)

    DxO ViewPoint 2.5.2 Build 37 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 117 MB

    DxO ViewPoint is the indispensable companion to your wide-angle lens, correcting perspectives and easily restoring the natural shapes of the subjects located along image edges. As both a standalone application and as a plugin, it offers simple visual tools for making spectacular corrections, along with advanced controls for unrivaled precision.
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  • Clipboard Master 3.9.0

    Clipboard Master 3.9.0 Final | 10.8 Mb

    Clipboard Master is a handy utility designed to keep all previous texts, pictures and files copied to the clipboard in a list, for later use. Organize your text modules and snippets and paste them in any Windows program whenever you like.
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  • Aiseesoft Video Downloader 6.0.26 Multilingual
    Aiseesoft Video Downloader 6.0.26 Multilingual | 23.4 Mb

    Aiseesoft Video Downloader is the professional online video downloader which is able to download online videos from almost 150 video sites, including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, iFilm, MySpace, Dailymotion, and many others. It support multi-downloading tasks and multi-threads. This FLV downloader can set maximum downloading tasks and maximum threads for every task. The supported protocols including http, rtsp, rtmp, mms and more threads for downloading task.
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  • DxO FilmPack 5.1.0 Build 410 Multilingual (Mac OS X)

    DxO FilmPack 5.1.0 Build 410 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 268 MB

    DxO FilmPack 5 - Rediscover the style, the colors, and the grain of more than 80 legendary analog films, faithfully reconstituted thanks to DxO's exclusive calibration process. Combine many original renderings with filter, vignetting, blur, texture, frame, or light leak effects to give your photos a unique look. Preserve the quality of your digital images thanks to support for RAW format and benefit from DxO's unsurpassed powerful processing.
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  • DxO Optics Pro 10.2.0 Build 216 Elite Multilingual (Mac OS X)

    DxO Optics Pro 10.2.0 Build 216 Elite Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 274 MB

    DxO Optics Pro is an image quality enhancement software with a demosaicing system to better deal with RAW data. Discover the exceptional performance of DxO Optics Pro. Whether in automatic or manual mode, numerous intelligent tools can help you perfect your images. Thanks to ultra-precise analysis of each camera-lens combination, DxO Optics Pro automatically corrects the optical flaws in your images with an incomparable level of quality. White balance, vibrancy, tonal curve, multi-point balance, color saturation protection: take advantage of all these tools to bring out all the brillant colors of your photos, or to apply a color interpretation of your own.
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  • In My Diary 3.01 Multilingual Potrable

    In My Diary 3.01 Multilingual Potrable | 12.5 Mb

    In My Diary is a smart, free personal organizer. The main display is based on a traditional diary format but, although all entries appear as one line of text, each actual entry can contain as many lines as required. Diary entries can be set to auto-repeat at the required interval.
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  • Free Hide IP v4.0.2.6
    Free Hide IP v4.0.2.6 | 3.4 Mb

    Free Hide IP - a small program, which, as its name suggests, allows you to hide your IP and replace it with one from another country. Free Hide IP - this is a relatively simple tool that despite it carries out its functions effectively.
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  • SWIMBI - Swift Menu Builder 1.5.2 Multilingual

    SWIMBI - Swift Menu Builder 1.5.2 Multilingual | 18.1 Mb

    SWIMBI - fast and easy way to create a nice looking CSS menu for your website. Pick one of 70+ ready-to-use menu skins, change names and links, click "Publish" and you are done. Creates standards compliant menus using modern technologies, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas. Compatible with all modern browsers, including mobile browsers. Older browsers also supported in simplified mode.
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