Collection of plugins for Adobe After Effects (Video Copilot - Andrew Kramer)[PC/MAC]

Collection of plugins for Adobe After Effects (Video Copilot - Andrew Kramer)[PC/MAC] | 15.8 GB

-Action Movie Essentials + Film Magic Pro
-Film Magic Pro
-Real Clouds
-Riot Gear HD
-Stream HD
-Pro Scores
-The Bullet
-Video Copilot - Andrew Kramer - 1-83 Tutorials (2006/2009)
Action Movie Essentials + Film Magic Pro
For those who want to try to become a blockbuster by producer.Creator - known among AfterEffetchikov Andrew KramerThe disc contains a video (with alpha channel) flashes, ricochets, smoke, explosions and so on., And images (with alpha channel) of blood, bullet holes.Video QuickTime (30 fps), the image PNG, size 800x600

Also, that would not create a new topic (release weighs very little) spread styles Film Magic Pro.
This 50 styles that can be applied to your videos. Ie You can change the hue of the video, as bud-it shot in the morning or at night, or black and white video, sepia (you can do the old newsreels), etc.
Action Movie Essentials CD - a collection of video spetseffektov (60 pieces), which can be superimposed on your movie. Includes flashing shots, explosions, splashes of blood, bullet holes, ricochet, fog, smoke. There is a tutorial. Compatible with Vegas, Avid, Premiere, Effects, etc.

• 60 Pre-Keyed Video Elements
• Built-in Transparency
• Use with Any Video Application
• Royalty Free Video Files

Frame Size: 800x600
Frame Rate: 30 fps (most applications allow you to change this as needed)
Format: QuickTime Movie & PNG Images
Platform: After FX 6.5, 7.0 Pro & CS3

Video Copilot Film Magic Pro - Plug-Ins for Adobe After Effects (6.5-CS3), for image processing "under the movie" regardless of the resolution and speed of play, work much faster than similar plug-ins such as Magic Bullet and the like.

• 50 Unique Cinema Style Presets for After Effects 6.5 & 7.0 Pro
• 8 Cinematic Transitions
• Really Fast Rendering Times
• Works with Any Footage including HD, NTSC & PAL Footage
• Use on Any Frame Rate: 60i, 50i, 30P, 25P, 24P, 24Pa, etc.
• Installation and Useful Techniques Video Tutorial

• Achieve the Look of Popular Movies and Commercials
• Create Dramatic Color Grading During Video Finishing
• Great for Enhancing the Look of Digital Video
• Improve the Look of 3D Animations & Motion Graphics

System Requirements:
• PC & Mac Compatible
• After FX 6.5, 7.0 Pro & CS3

Currently Film Magic Pro only works with After Effects 6.5 and 7.0 Professional & CS3.

170 high-resolution QuickTime files (higher than 720x576) with an alpha channel, depicting germinating elements - plants, arrows, etc.
7 video lessons from Andrew Kramer
10 professional design projects in the format After Effects 7.0

Film Magic Pro
Video Copilot Film Magic Pro - Plug-Ins for Adobe After Effects (6.5-CS3), for image processing "under the movie" regardless of the resolution and speed of play, work much faster than similar plug-ins such as Magic Bullet and the like.

• 50 Unique Cinema Style Presets for After Effects 6.5 & 7.0 Pro
• 8 Cinematic Transitions
• Really Fast Rendering Times
• Works with Any Footage including HD, NTSC & PAL Footage
• Use on Any Frame Rate: 60i, 50i, 30P, 25P, 24P, 24Pa, etc.
• Installation and Useful Techniques Video Tutorial

Real Clouds
Clouds: 24 video format mov, PAL

- 24 Time-Lapse Clouds
- SD QuickTime Movies (720x480, 16:9, 1.2 par)
- Videos Last 20 Seconds
- Ready to use with most Video Editing Applications

- Motion Graphics and Title Design
- Sky Replacement
- Wedding Videos

System Requirements:
- PC & Mac
- QuickTime 7

- After Effects
- Premiere
- Combustion
- Final Cut
- Motion
- Shake
- Vegas
- Fusion
- Avid
- QuickTime Based Programs

Riot Gear HD
Riot Gear - an interesting collection of animated graphics on Videocopilot, used mainly for creating spectacular videos in Adobe After Effects. Riot Gear by Video Copilot - a collection of 155 visual elements for professionals including paint, ink, grunge, tv noise, and others comes with a video tutorial. All elements in High Definition format 720p @ 60fps (1280x720).File Format: QuickTime and JPEG. Most of the elements - it is animated footage to create a real organic look.

CD includes:
• 30 Brush Paint Images (Brush Painted Images)
• 5 Ink Bleed FX (Effect of ink being absorbed)
• 25 Ink Drop FX (Ink dropped in water and dispersing)
• 10 Ink Flow FX (Smoke-like ink flowing slowly)
• 20 Paint Splatter FX (Paint Spattered footage)
• 10 Paper Textures (Unique textures from various paper sources)
• 20 Grunge Textures (Organic photos of rust and mold and grunge)
• 30 Splatter Images (High resolution pictures of ink splatter & dripping)
• 5 TV Noise FX (Bad cable like effect and tv snow)
• Also on the disk there are 5 video-based Riot Gear

Stream HD
A set of 20 short (30 seconds) video scenes from, as well as project-sources of each scene for Adobe After Effects.

• 20 Video backgrounds in the resolution of High-Definition @ 24p
• SD & HD QuickTime ™ videos (HD-1920x1080 & SD-960x540)
• Video Catalog
• Video lessons
• Mix design using the original projects

• Promos, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Video Boards, etc.
• Mix & Match Elements to Create Custom Designs
• Use as Backgrounds for Green Screen Interviews and Titles

• Project File Resolution HD 1920x1080
• HD Videos Resolution 1920x1080
• SD Videos Resolution 960x540
• 24 Frames per second
• Project files can be changed to other frame rates such as 25 FPS for PAL

Twitch-a collection of plugins for Adobe After Effects, which will help you to create stylistic video effects for motion graphics and imaging. In the complete set as well go 7 Tutorials.

Attached to the plug:
• 6 built-in operators
• 7 video lessons
• 10 free sound effects
• 25 presetovTwitch a completely new product from Andrew Kramer

What is Twitch?
Twitch is a Plug-in for After Effects that synchronizes random operators to create stylistic video effects for motion graphics and visual effects.

A Plug-in for Creating Chaos
• 6 Built-in Operators
• 7 Video Tutorials
• 10 Free Twitch Sound Effects
• 25 Effects Presets

Tutorial List:
01. In-Depth Twitch Features
02. Bad Film Twitch
03. ParticleDesign
04. Twitch to Audio
05. Video Noise Distortion
06. AdvancedFunctions
07. 32 bpc Effects

6 Built-in Operators; Unlimited Uses:

Blur Operator:
The blur function contains some of the most advanced features including a threshold slider, transfer modes, and aspect control.

Color Operator:
One of the most fun and useful functions allows you to colorize your twitches as well as randomize color for exciting situations.

Light Operator:
Similar to an exposure function, this operator allows you to choose from adding brightness or darkness to your Twitches or even both.

Scale Operator:
With built in Motion Blur and random anchor selection the Scale operator will give you endless possibilities.

Slide Operator:
One of the most fun to use, the Slide operator has many controls over slide, motion blur, tendency and the advanced RGB Split.

Time Operator:
You can even randomly offset footage forward or backwards with this handy operator control.

Use Twitch with:
Motion Graphics
Music Videos
Film Flashbacks
Frightening Effects & more

Pro Scores
Pro Scores is a massive toolkit of professionally composed music and sound elements for creating powerful soundtracks and scores. Pro Scores makes it easy to create hard-hitting music for promos, trailers and even film. Our collection includes tons of Layered Music Tracks that can be customized to build tension or split apart to build original tracks. You also get access to unbelievable music design elements inspired by popular motion pictures and television.

New sound library from
Various elements of music for TV and film.
More than 500 items.
Sound format: WAV PCM 24bit 44.1kHz.

Compatibility: After Effects, Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut Pro and audio editors.In sets of 5 musical styles: Inspirational, Massive, Percussion, Suspense and Action.

5 videurokov: Getting started, Building a score, Advanced Mixing Tips, Abstract Sound Design, Pro Scores 3D Title. Over 85 minutes of training.

Status: Royalty free - no software license fees.

OS Support: Windows XP / Vista and Mac OS X.

The Bullet
The Bullet-Advanced Training for 3D & After Effects - Create a slow-motion effects, combine 3D and After Effects. This training product is designed to show you how to create a large-scale visual effects in an organized and powerful technological process. Since the footage, we will build all the necessary elements to complete this amazing visual effects shot of Sam Loya, the firing of weapons in slow motion.

- 21 Tutorials and over 5 hours of training
- 3-in-1 Training for Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max & Blender
- Learn the secrets of 3d multi-pass compositing
- Project files, help files and source footage included

The concepts and techniques will translate to unlimited visual effects possibilities and a powerful compositing pipeline for creative visual effects.

3D experience is not required; neither is an expensive 3D program for that matter. This DVD let's You choose your tools such as: Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, or the powerful free program called Blender. The Blender portion of the DVD explains the program and everything you need to know to get started. The 3D camera movement is created in the tutorials so we do not need to use match moving software with live-action footage.

What can I expect to learn?
• After Effects:
- Creating elements from scratch
- Working between AE and 3D, integrating camera data
- Multi-Pass exporting and compositing
- Advanced color correction techniques
- File management and workflow tips such as pre-comp proxies
- Displacement effects and other creative uses for common plug-ins
• 3D Software:
- Model a realistic bullet and shell casing
- Texturing and lighting with reflections
- Animation with Null objects and groups
- How to render multiple elements for compositing

As you begin the lessons you start in After Effects. Then the lessons move on 3D animation. Now you can choose to follow along with Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max or Blender. Once you complete the 3D portion you will return to After Effects for finishing. No matter what 3D program you use, the resulting render is incorporated in After Effects and the final compositing begins. It is also recommended to check out the workflows for all of the programs to see which ones work best for you.

Included Project Files Created with the:
- After Effects CS3
- Cinema 4D R 10.5
- 3Ds Max 9 SP2
- Blender 2.45 Peach
In most cases you cannot open project files in previous versions of these programs. However as mentioned above, you can still complete the training because all necessary files are available.

Product Requirements:
- PC or Mac
- After Effects 6.5, 7 & CS3 Pro Version only

Video Copilot - Andrew Kramer - 1-83 Tutorials (2006/2009)
Tutorials on After Effects from Video Copilot (Andrew Kramer), 1-83 tutorial
• All lessons from the site, laid up to 23 yandvarya 2009 (1-83 + SinCity Tutorial)
• Presets from VideoCopilot, used in some tutorials
• Two low-weight programs for easy viewing FLV and SWF

Producer: Andrew Kramer
Year: 2006-2009
Language: English, but the lessons are very easy to understand even for those who are unfamiliar with English.

01. Fundamentals replacing sky
02. Deinterlacing in AE (+ Pal & HDV line)
03. Effect of old movie
04. Introduction to After Effects
05. Shaking camera with Wiggler `th
06. Fundamentals of 3D-arrangement
07. Advanced Cleaning Video
08. Effect of fuzzy titles
09. Acceleration After Effects using proxies
10. Basics "green background"
11. Introduction to HDRI and 32bpc
12. Fast and elegant slideshow
13. Suicide
14. Simple Bleach Bypass
15. Simulating depth of field
16. Creating the effect of turning the pages
17. 3D-reflection in After Effects
18. Light strip
19. Converter FPS (+ effect)
20. Lightsabers (2 versions + presets)
21. Simulation of light flashes
22. Fan the ink splashes
23. Moving 3D-line
24. Blood stains on the tree!
25. Again light strip?
26. Earthquake in 32bpc!
27. Creating a cool 3D-room with a beautiful inscription!
28. Animation realistic shots
29. 300-like leaps of time!
30. 3D-strip without plug-ins
31. 3D-reflection with refraction!
32. Creating a 3D-ocean
33. Drawing Graffiti
34. Flying titers
35. Jumpy text
36. Freezing time
37. 3D-projection scenes
38. 3D-projection of the scene 2
39. 3D Vanishing Point
40. Zoom Earth
41. Blue Planet (2 parts)
42. Advanced Sky Replacement
43. Demonic entity (+ simplified version)
44. Convert day into night
45. Changing the background (not green background)
46. Virtual 3D-pictures
47. Sound in animation
47.5. 3D-Text in 3DS Max
47.6. 3D-titles in Cinema 4D!
48. P1, P2, P3. "Microscopic" zoom 01.03
48. P4. Riot Gear promo video
49. Passage through the glass
50. Displacement skin
51. Evolution Preview
52. Dead Planet
53. The explosion of the planet
54. Advanced tricks with the camera
55. Changing eye
56. 3D-Eye
57. Water drops
58. Beautiful titles
59. Cold breath
60. Hilaire
61. Growing 3D-vine
62. Colorful Universe
63. Smoke pollution
64. Stabilization shaking video
65. AE Bump Maps
66. Sparkling titles
67. Advanced Accident
68. Energy
69. 3D-Offset
70. High-speed particles
71. 3D-Shadow
72. The fall of the meteorite, the first part (3DS MAX)
73. The fall of the meteorite, part two (AE)
74. 3D-Krater, Part One (Boujou)
75. 3D-Krater, Part Two (3DS MAX)
76. 3D-Krater, Part Three (AE)
77. Exit soul
78. Energy wipe
79. Organic fabric in 3D Max
80. 3D-estrangement
81. Rotating sphere

Original title:
01. Basic Sky Replacement
02. Deinterlacing in AE
03. Old-Film Effect
04. Introduction to After Effects
05. Camera Shake with the Wiggler
06. 3D Compositing Basics
07. Advanced Blemish Removal
08. Text Blur Title Effect
09. Speed Up After Effects with Proxies
10. Basic Color Keying
11. Introduction to HDRI & 32bpc
12. Fast & Elegant SlideShows
13. Assisted Suicide
14. Simple Bleach Bypass
15. Simulating Depth of Field
16. Creating a Flip-Book Effect
17. 3D Reflections in After Effects
18. Light Streaks
19. Frame Rate Converter
20. Light Sabers Version 1 & Version 2
21. Simulated Light Effects
22. Fun with Ink Spatter
23. Moving 3D Lines
24. Blood Splattering on a Tree!
25. Light Streaks Again?!
26. EarthQuake Control in 32bpc!
27. Create a Cool 3D Room with nice title!
28. Animate Realistic Gun Blow Back
29. 300-like Speed Ramps & More!
30. 3D Stroke Effect with no Plug-in
31. 3D Reflections with Refraction!
32. Create a 3D Ocean
33. Graffiti Writing
34. Fly By Titles
35. Jumpy Text
36. Time Freeze
37. 3D Camera Projection
38. 3D Camera Projection 2
39. 3D Vanishing Point
40. Earth Zoom
41. The Blue Planet
42. Advanced Sky Replacement
43. Demon Face Warp
44. Day to Night Conversion
45. Set Extensions
46. Virtual 3D Photos
47. Audio to Animation
47.5. 3D Text in 3DS Max
47.6. 3D Titles in Cinema 4D!
48. P1, P2, P3. Medical Zoom 01-03
48. P4. Riot Gear Promo Title
49. Magic Glass
50. Skin Displacement
51. Evolution Preview
52. Dead Planet
53. Planet Explosion
54. Advanced Camera Tips
55. Eye Replacement
56. 3D Eyeball
57. Water Drops
58. Fancy Title Plate
59. Frosty Breath
60. The Healer
61. Growing 3D Vines
62. Colorful Universe
63. Smoke Screen
64. Stabilize Shaky Footage
65. AE Bump Maps
66. 3D Sparks Title
67. Advanced Car Hit
68. Energy
69. 3D Offset
70. Speed Particles
71. 3D Shadows
72. Meteor Crash 3D p1
73. Meteor Crash AE p2
74. 3D-Crater p1 (Boujou)
75. 3D-Crater p2 (3DS MAX)
76. 3D-Crater p3 (AE)
77. Soul Removal
78. Energy Wipe
79. Organic Mesh in 3D Max
80. 3D Falloff
81. Spin Orbs
82. Energetic Titles
83. Presets & More

SinCity Effect

Cozdatel these lessons - Andrew Kramer, naipozitivneyshy man with a very suitable voice for these lessons. Tutorials on his website does not evoke in the human sleep, the feeling this conversation with the teacher.
All lessons can be viewed on-line at his site, here you can download them. Put all the lessons are available at the moment, including the simplified version. Unfortunately, the early lessons were laid in format swf, and convert them to another format rather difficult. Therefore, the first seven lessons you have to watch or without rewinding standard FlashPlayer `Ohm, or use one of the players with the support of fast (I'm stuck in the distribution of SWF Opener). Other lessons in format flv, you can view them any FLV-player (in the distribution of the very best, in my opinion, at the moment FLV-Player - Sothink FLV Player).

Video Codec: Flash (FLV, SWF)
Video: 1024x768 (775 kb / s)
Audio: 64 kb / s

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