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Soldier of Fortune: Payback | PC GAME | Full Rip | 2.3 GB | Language: English

Soldier of Fortune: Payback is the third installment of the Soldier of Fortune game series. Unlike the previous two Soldier of Fortune games, which were developed by Raven Software utilizing the Quake 2 and Quake 3 engines, Payback was developed by Cauldron HQ, developed with Cauldron's in-house CloakNT engine, used in their previous First Person Shooter game, Chaser. This game is the first game of the series released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game was released on 14 November 2007[3]. Upon being refused classification by Australia's OFLC, Activision is eyeing an early 2008 release date for that country.
On the October 16, 2007, the game was refused classification by Australia's federal classification board, the Office of Film & Literature Classification. This effectively bans the game throughout Australia as video games which have been refused classification by the OFLC cannot be sold, advertised or imported. Activision has since modified the game and it has been re-classified to meet the standards of the OFLC and thus an MA15+ rating. This version will not include such radical violence; dismemberment has been completely removed.The full uncensored version however will be released in New Zealand with an R18 Rating

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    recon 29 Jun 2009 #

    I own the Austrailian version of this game Rating 15 It absolutely stinks in every way compared to the previous versions. This is to say not only do you shoot fresh air but the performance, graphics and overhead demand stink as well. All I can say is that the version I got cost me peanuts because that is what I got. What version is this game ? You do not mention this. I will give it a try if it is the (uncensored crap version) Thanks for the upload and the info, I was wondering why this game became so crapy.

    bufferman69 4 Jul 2009 #

    people are not happy, even when its free

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    cutlus 29 Jun 2009 #

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    larac 30 Jun 2009 #


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    allu 28 May 2011 #

    All links are dead.

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