Bruce Lee's Fighting Method - The Complete Edition

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method - The Complete Edition
Eng | ISBN 0897501705 | Pdf | 27 MB

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method is a book on Bruce Lee's martial system Jeet Kune Do. The book is available as a single hardback volume or a series of four paperback volumes. The text describes Lee's fighting philosophy, techniques, training methods and strategies. The making of this book commenced in 1966; most of the photos in the text were taken at that time. Shortly thereafter, Bruce Lee decided not to publish this work as he feared some instructors would use the knowledge in this text to promote themselves. This fear was a result of some instructors who were teaching commercially and were already using Bruce Lee's name as a gimmick to obtaining students.

In 1978, after Bruce Lee's death, his widow Linda Lee Cadwell decided to make available the information her husband had been working on. Lee's death changed the perspective of releasing the information that Bruce Lee himself had vacillated about. The book was published with the help of Mitoshi Uyehara. Uyehara was the founder and owner of Black Belt Magazine. During the early years of the publication, Uyehara served as a hands-on owner and publisher. Bruce Lee contributed many articles to the publication during the 1960's and soon a friendship ensued between the two men. Uyehara, a martial artist in his own right, was a key personage in arranging Lee's material for publication.

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