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    RockN Audio 3.1
    RockN Audio v3.1 | 6.9 Mb

    RockN Audio is a powerful software utility that enables you to record sounds that go through the sound card embedded into your computer. Besides recording sounds, you can edit, convert and play audio files, as well as rip them from your CDs.
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    CrystalOffice WinLock v6.23
    CrystalOffice WinLock v6.23 | 7.8 Mb

    WinLock is a comprehensive security program for personal or publicly accessible computers. It is a program that ensures that only authorized people can access sensitive information on your computer. This security tool allows you to restrict your users from accessing important system resources, Windows hotkeys, desktop, deny access to files, folders, applications, and much more...
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    WinKleaner Professional v2.3
    WinKleaner Professional v2.3 | 3.3 Mb

    WinKleaner is an all-in-one MS Windows system optimization tool that takes care of every aspect of your computer's operation - from optimizing the registry and removing unnecessary programs to tweaking your network connections to boosting RAM speed. It's a compact tool with an intuitive interface that gives you full control over the startup process, memory monitoring and a huge array of system settings controlling the work of your computer. The current version of the software offers the following tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak PC, Net Tweaker, Your Privacy, Invisible Man, File Shredder, IE Favorites, File Duplicates and Busy Files. Some features are quite unique - such as Invisible Man, where the system saves the traces of your work in a "control point", which can be deleted afterwards restoring the original state of the system.
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    User Control 2014 v14.626
    User Control 2014 v14.626 | 24.9 Mb

    Computers are great tools. However, a computer cannot, on its own, control the way in which it is used. However, this may be necessary to prevent problems, as when employees download pirated software from the web, or when students use a school computer for unintended purposes, or trade show attendees change the settings on a public computer. Our software is designed for small and medium-size companies, schools, public agencies, and, of course, also for individuals who are interested in protecting their computer.
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    NsaSoft Hardware Software Inventory v1.5.2.0
    NsaSoft Hardware Software Inventory v1.5.2.0 | 2.7 Mb

    Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory is a powerful network inventory software for home, office and enterprise networks. The software scans all computers on a network and generates complete reports about computers hardware and software. This information is added to the centralized database and then users can generate reports about each or all of the PCs on a network.
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    Ahead PDF Password Remover 2.0.0
    Ahead PDF Password Remover 2.0.0 | 1.8 Mb

    With PDF Password Remover, you can easily remove pdf password and restrictions on printing, editing and content copying, form filling, commenting etc. After PDF unlocking, you can reuse PDF files without any restrictions.
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    Chaos Software Group Time & Chaos v8.0.6.8
    Chaos Software Group Time & Chaos v8.0.6.8 | 5.6 Mb

    Keeping your business organized is important if you want to give a good impression to all the clients and partners. Time & Chaos is a Customer relationship management (CRM) program that should help you keep everything in line.
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    Wave MP3 Editor Pro v2014.2
    Wave MP3 Editor Pro v2014.2 | 11.6 Mb

    Wave MP3 Editor PRO is a highly capable audio player and editor, that enables you to obtain professional sounds, apply effects and modify audio parameters on your files. The software comes as a bundle of audio tools for recording, format converting, tag modifying, CD ripping or burning, as well as a DJ mixer.
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    iSkysoft Video Editor
    iSkysoft Video Editor | 77.4 Mb

    iSkysoft Video Editor provides the easiest way to turn video clips into movies. By simply dragging and dropping your files into the project area, you can create a perfectly timed movie with smooth transitions, professional effects and background music. This video-editing software is simple and fun which is also especially good for beginners and it supports inputting most popular videos like AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MKV, MTS, TS, etc. and exports them to iPod touch, iPhone (iPhone 5S included), iPad, PSP, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry and other popular portable devices.
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    45 Anonymous 12.02.2014
    MyLanViewer 4.17.8 + Portable
    MyLanViewer 4.17.8 + Portable | 6.4 Mb

    MyLanViewer is a simple LAN scanner for your home network. It displays your network computers an easy to read, buddy-list style window that provides the machine names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, shared resources and other technical details for each computer. You can also view and access shared folders, terminate user sessions and disable shared resources. Easy to install and use, has friendly and beautiful interface.
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    Veronisoft Get IP and Host 1.4.17 (x86/x64) + Portable
    Veronisoft Get IP and Host 1.4.17 (x86/x64) + Portable | 3.4 Mb

    Get IP and Host is a very simple software application with a name that pretty much sums up its functionality - it allows you to find out the IP address and host name of a computer via LAN.
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    ReclaiMe Pro v0.196
    ReclaiMe Pro v0.196 | 2.2 Mb

    Newly released ReclaiMe Pro is highly configurable data recovery software specially tailored for technicians. Multiple filesystem recovery, partition recovery, high-speed imager, disk editor, comprehensive RAID analysis and recovery.
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    IMacros Enterprise Edition v10.0.2.2823 (x86/x64)
    IMacros Enterprise Edition v10.0.2.2823 (x86/x64) | 39 Mb

    iMacros makes it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work and it’s the only web automation software that works with every website.
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    Sticky Password Multilingual
    Sticky Password Multilingual | 19.7 Mb

    Sticky Password completes even the longest forms for you - automatically. No need to register every time you shop or download – once you’ve stored your information in the password manager, you can recall it instantly on any device whenever you need it.
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    Trillian Pro 5.5 Build 11 Multilingual
    Trillian Pro 5.5 Build 11 Multilingual | 15.3 Mb

    Trillian is an instant messaging application with a twist: it allows you to use multiple accounts for various IM services. In other words, it has the power to gather all your friends from several messengers in a single interface.
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